Rock Loves Chopin

Rock Loves Chopin

Listen to:

Polonaise in A major, Op. 40, 1
Study in C minor, Op. 10, 12 – also known as the Revolutionary Etude
Study in E major, Op. 10 nr.3
Waltz in A minor, Op.34 nr.3

About the project

ROCK LOVES CHOPIN is an interpretation of the most distinguished Polish composer, Frideric Chopin, by the leading Polish rock musicians: Jan Borysewicz, Wojtek Pilichowski, Anna Serafińska, Grzegorz Markowski and Patrycja Markowska. The special guest of the project is Janusz Olejniczak – an eminent pianist and interpreter of Chopin's music.
Sounds of electric guitars and drum kits find a peaceful agreement with Chopin's piano tunes, and then they suddenly – though in unison – explode with spectacular new sound unknown to previous interpreters of Frideric Chopin. The synergy of rock and classical music creates new space for the artists, but what is more important, it allows the project to reach audiences on different sides of musical stage.

The originator of the event is the director of Stołeczna Estrada, Andrzej Matusiak, who has been combining his fascination with classical music with his liking of modern sounds by organizing such concerts as Miejska Strefa Kultury (City Culture Zone) for years.

The undertaking is aimed as a modern musical genre but at the same time it cultivates the tradition of popularizing national culture. Thus, it builds a musical link between generations.

„I have a deep hope that thanks to this project several millions young Poles after hearing the famous Polonaise would say... it's Chopin, and several hundreds of thousands would say... it's Chopin's Polonaise in A major and at least some tens would recognise Chopin's Polonaise in A major, Opus 40, 1.”
Andrzej Matusiak